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Unfortunately technology breaks, and when it does, you need to find the right IT support that will work with you and solve the problem as quick as possible. MyTECHTB.COM Will meet your technology needs today and tomorrow, call us at 910-444-4767.


Many companies currently outsource some type of service such payroll, HR, legal, marketing or shipping. They know they can receive an increased level of and quality service like larger companies without the asses costs of having additional employees on staff.


We provide troubleshooting and repair services for many types of IT issues. We work with companies of all sizes, offering both on-site and help desk phone support

About Batts Consultants

Batts Consultants is a full service computer consulting firm specializing in personalized care for both residential and small to medium sized businesses.

We can perform any computer or network related setup installation, repair, upgrade and even offer wiring services for data and phone. No job is too big or too small, we work at your site or ours and we offer pick-up and delivery. We can beat most competitors pricing and have a very fast turn around time.

Please contact us to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment. Don’t overpay, call us for an estimate before committing to pay too much to someone else!!!!!

Services Provided

Wireless Network Security Specialists

Wireless Network Security Specialists

So you have joined the revolution and set up or want to set up a wireless network in your home or office. Congratulations! But along with the freedom that wireless brings comes responsibility, protecting your wireless network against intrusion.

Wireless networks are great because they let you connect from anywhere in your home or office. But that same principle is what makes them vulnerable; hackers do not need to be physically connected (wired) to your network to access it. Unsecured wireless LANs are easy targets for hackers, both over the Internet and via "wardriving." Wardrivers are hackers armed with laptops and scanner programs who drive around until they detect an unsecured wireless Ethernet connection. They can then log on and do most anything an authorized user could do, just as if they were sitting at the computer. They can, quite literally, snatch your information out of thin air.

Think it couldn't happen at your home or to your business? Think again. Snatching information is known as "packet sniffing," and can be used to devastating effect over wireless connections. If your wireless network is unsecured, determined hackers could have access to everything you send and receive over your network. Everything.

New wireless equipment and standards are being developed all the time, and each generation boasts improved speed and security features. But hackers are nothing if not resourceful, and wireless networks will always be a target. Wardriving, packet sniffing, and other related activities are crimes of opportunity. Your network does not need to be impenetrable; some added security is better than none.

We specialize in setting up and "locking down" your wireless network to keep out unauthorized persons. There are many techniques out there to do this and we can employ some or all of them to suit your individual needs. Please contact us for details and we can setup an evaluation of your needs and help you to implement the security you need.

Local Area and Wide Area Networks

Local Area and Wide Area Networks

If you are ready to network your home or local office PCs to enable the sharing of information, printers and software, we can help. After an initial consultation to determine your current system, software, and goals, we would prepare a proposal. The proposal would provide an overview of the consultation and determination of needs. It will also include a list of necessary hardware and software, the equipment cost, the wiring cost, and the labor cost for installation. We can also help you to add a PC to or upgrade an existing local area network.

There are a few ways to network multiple offices. We can consult with you on the different types of networking and what would work best for you to meet your needs and stay within your budget. We can also interface with outside vendors to handle your company's requirements, i.e., the local telephone company, internet provider, etc. Our proposal would provide you with the fees for our consultation throughout the project, handling of outside vendors, and any necessary hardware and software.

Complete Computer Overhauls

Complete Computer Overhauls

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to restoring your computer to like new condition. The only way to rid your computer of all the junk software, viruses, spyware and adware that causes problems is to rebuild it from ground up. After the overhaul your computer will run just like the day you bought it, perhaps even better!

Complete Overhauls require that you supply a valid Operating System for your PC.

Step One-Backup
We start by taking an "image" of your computer. This is like taking a photo of your computer exactly how it is when you bring it in. The entire computer is securely backed up before anything is done.

Step Two - Cleaning
A tremendous amount of dirt and dust accumulates inside your computer and can cause problems with the internal components. We clean your entire computer both inside and out making it look brand new.

Step Three - Formatting

The entire computer hard drive is formatted (erased) and the disk drives are all thoroughly checked for integrity. We then have a clean hard drive to start with!

Step Four - Rebuilding the Computer
From the ground up we begin the process of rebuilding the computer. At this point we do things like loading internal firmware, BIOS updates, memory checks, installing operating systems, anti-virus programs, etc.

Step Five - Updating
There are constantly updates and improvements being released for the hardware and software on your computer. The computer is updated to have all of the latest drivers, software updates and security patches.

Step Six - Restoring
All of your documents, photos, music, E-mail settings, address books, Internet Explorer favorites etc are retrieved from the "image" we took in step one and restored to your PC.

All this for $169 plus tax. If you do not have anything on your computer to backup or need saved then the overhaul is only $119 plus tax. Please contact us for details and to schedule your overhaul.

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